Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sick day

i had to call in to work today. i finally threw up last night, but the only thing i'd eaten all day was some soup from quang. it's sad because i really love that soup, it's one of my favorite things in this world and i even have some leftovers waiting for me in the fridge, but now i don't know if i'll be able to eat it without thinking of throwing it up. i felt a little better this morning (after i'd been in bed for over twelve hours) but i waited to eat til just now. the only thing that sounded good to me were pancakes, so i made some and ate them, and now i feel like shit again.
i feel like i did when i was a kid and would stay home sick from school. i think mom's rule was that if you threw up you could watch t.v.; if you hadn't thrown up and were just feeling sick, you could stay home but no t.v. (in case we were faking it). sometimes elva, the cleaning lady, would be around during the day when i was home sick and i think she kind of liked having someone to take care of. she would make me toast. but she put butter on and then jam, which my mom never did. it was always one or the other.
turns out it was a good day to stay home sick because i got to watch the inaugeration on television (which would be okay by my mom's rules because i did throw up). yay! it was very exciting and touching. it didn't look like there was a dry eye in the crowd, especially when aretha sang "my country tis of thee". great speech, of course, by obama, but i was lying on the couch clutching my stomach, so i wasn't really paying all that close of attention... it was really liberating, after the ceremony, to watch the bushes climb onto their helicopter and fly off. good riddance and thanks for nothin. the only thing that would have been better would've been if someone threw one last shoe at them as they were flying away. that would've been funny.

another way i'm planning on spending my sick day is reading some more of, maybe even finish, skinny legs and all:
i'm really enjoying this book, but i wish i was reading it in a book club because it's so strange and covers so much territory that it would be nice to talk about it with someone else and hear what they think. that's what i miss most about school.

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  1. the sight of Cheney in a wheel chair holding a cane was also somehow satisfying. It made him vulnerable and I thought, "Maybe he'll die soon." That's mean, but so is he.

    I have read that book. You can talk about it with me!