Saturday, January 17, 2009


i've recomitted myself to my yoga practice. at least for now. and it feels good. i've been sleeping better and this week i finally kicked the stupid cold i had for three weeks. my first class back after a long time, probably about two months, went really well. too well. suspiciously well. trikonasana, triangle pose (above) has always been the bane -well, one of the banes (is that how you pluralize bane?)- of my class. and it went just fine. in fact, a lot of the poses that are usually tough and trying for me were very easy and felt really good. hmmm. maybe it was just because i didn't care and my expectations were low. either way, i'll take it. then i went to another class two days later, and it wasn't quite as good, but still not all that hard. it's also helped because it's been colder than, well, whatever's really cold, this week, and "it's always warm and sunny in the yoga room." that's what they say to try to get you to like the 105 degree sweltering heat and 50% humidity; but this week i actually have really appreciated it. i'm going again today and am looking forward to it very much. chris is going to come and try his first yoga class, ever. and it's a hard one to start out on, bikram's beginning yoga class. i think it'll be fun. trikonasana, here i come.
my art show at caffetto is finally up. it took me til almost a third of the month was through to get the whole thing up, but at least now it's there and i think it looks pretty alright. i've sold at least one piece so far. yay.
i have a three day weekend from work because of the good doctor, and i'm really excited for what i have planned! in the spirit of mlk, kara and i are going to volunteer at our old place of volunteerism, accessability. it is the day program we worked at for a year through americorps. we worked with a group of adults with mental disabilities and we're going back on monday to hang out and do a watercolor painting class. i miss this group so much, and have been dreaming about them lately, so i'm super excited to see them! we're going to try to hang the paintings in a local coffee shop and sell them to make money for the program. as a nonprofit they don't have a very large budget: only about $100 a month for twentysome adults to do activities, classes, and outings with. we displayed and sold some of their paintings last september at caffetto and they made about $300!
this afternoon i'm babysitting joe, the four year-old son of the yoga studio owners (as a trade for free class). maybe we'll go iceskating!

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  1. Horray! I went to yoga last night (non-bikram) and it felt great. I didn't think it was that strenuous but it made me a little sore today, just enough to feel good. Do a pose for me!