Monday, January 19, 2009


here is a picture of the flu virus that i believe has attacked my system. i feel pukey and diarrhea-y, sore, tired, and generally gross. it just happened last night in the middle of the night. i couldn't tell at first because i thought it was just the effects of the large bottle of wine that kara and i drank while singing along to mama mia!, but no, this is no hangover. there is still the chance that it's just something i ate (maybe the nachos i split with jenny at liquor lyle's after work at the wedge yesterday...) but it really feels like some sort of bug. eew. either way, i'm sure the large bottle of wine didn't help.
today kara and i went back to good ol' accessability to visit and do a watercolor painting class with the clients there. with the exception of my gross feeling, it was a great day. it was so good to see all the peeps and in a way it felt like we never left. it felt just like all other days there, which was really nice and comforting. everyone was really happy to see us, too, which is always a good feeling. lots of hugs. the only other thing that wasn't perfect was that robbie, my girl, wasn't there. i love all of the clients there and really enjoyed working with all of them for a year, but with robbie i had a special connection. i really got a kick out of robbie and she was even in a dream of mine last week, so i was really looking forward to seeing her. i wanted to see her clap her hands, scream into her hand, and say, "happy!". anyway, we got some cool watercolors made and hopefully soon we'll display them at dunn brothers and make some money for the crew.
i hope i don't feel this crappy tomorrow. there's no way -no way- that i could keep up with toddlers feeling like this. and if you don't keep up with toddlers they attempt to do something stupid and end up hurting themselves, like trying to pull the window shade down by wrapping the string around their neck a couple of times, or standing up on the play kitchen stove, tipping it over and crashing down backwards against the wall, or eating the paint, or running with the scissors, or...

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